I have always been a free spirit in terms of writing and recording music so starting my own label seemed like the logical progressive move. I am always connecting with artists, musicians and producers and want to be able to get new ideas out there quickly and easily  and be able to experiment without constraint.  Sometimes something just happens in the studio when left in ‘record mode‘, maybe at the end of a session whilst everyone is relaxed and unaware, some kind of natural alchemy occurs. You know when it happens, that stream of consciousness and these are the moments I want to share.  My friends and fans ask to share in the process of the creativity rather than waiting for longer periods to hear a final, polished product. Battistessa, the label offers an immediacy that’s been missing in the production process for me, now I can release in a natural and organic way. Using my own name may seem odd but it does what it says on the tin, people can find me and I am happy to hold on to my Italian roots. I only wish it was easier for you all to pronounce. It's ‘Batti (Challenge in Italian) Stessa (Self ) - only now try it with an Italian accent!

I now belong to the West country as well as having such important connections and close friends elsewhere in the world, particularly in Spain and Latin America. So much great music is coming out of the West Country and so many talented musicians and songwriters, I have people contacting the studio regularly with interesting projects, innovative ideas. With a small label, I can go where the spirit takes me and in time would like to use the label as a platform for other great artists who are looking for a voice and an established audience.”

Cathy Battistessa

With a background in jazz, folk, soul, house and Balearic beats, the label’s content is varied but always stamped with Cathy’s own immediately-recognisable style. The label’s music is intimate, open, generous, empowering and above all positive.

The next release from Battistessa is The Garden. Coming soon.